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Annual Peace & Reconciliation Study Tour for Educators

Toronto ALPHA successfully hosts annual Peace & Reconciliation Study Tours, bringing educators from Ontario, BC, Alberta and Australia to China, Korea and other parts of Asia. During the Study Tour, educators meet with survivors, historians and other experts to gain first-hand experience and knowledge about WWII in Asia. Educators have since brought ALPHA’s educational materials into their classrooms and produced audio/visual materials to share with other teachers, written papers, published articles and made presentations about ALPHA’s work.

2009 Study Tour Itinerary




July 2 - July 5

Shanghai, China

Learn about Jamanese Military Sexual Slavery (“Comfort Women System): Meet with Chinese Comfort Women Survivors; Visit former “Comfort Station”; meet with Professors and Historians

July 6 - July 8

Nanjing, China

Learn about the Nanking Massacre: Meet with Massacre Survivors; Visit the Nanking Massacre Memorial Hall; Visit the John Rabe Museum;

July 9 - July 10

Harbin, China

Learn about Chemical & Biological Warfare: Visit Unit-731 Museum; Meet Historians and Survivors

July 10- July 13

Beijing, China

Learn about Forced Slave Labour & Historiography: Meet with Survivors, Historians, Professors and Attorneys

July 13- July 15

Seoul, Korea

Learn about Japanese Military Sexual Slavery in Korea: Meet Survivors, Visit House of Sharing, and Observe the Weekly Demonstrations

2008 Study Tour in China

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