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About Edmonton ALPHA

Edmonton ALPHA, a volunteer community organization of local teachers and volunteers, is a Chapter of Canada ALPHA ( Association for Learning and Preserving the History of WWII in Asia ).

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Edmonton ALPHA’s Mandate and Mission

ALPHA’s Mission

- To preserve the truthfulness of historical records about WWII in Asia
- To pursue justice for the victims of WWII in Asia
- To promote global awareness, knowledge and recognition of this history such that peace and reconciliation among the perpetrating and victimized nation can be finally achieved

ALPHA’ Mandate

- To foster education about humanity and racial harmony with a focus on WWII atrocities in Asia, especially for younger generations
- To promote school education of the Asian WWII atrocities to come parallel with the atrocities in Europe during WWII

The way to peace is to respect and learn from history.
This is the goal of our association.

“If world peace ever happens, it will be built on knowledge.”
~ June Callwood,
Canadian journalist, author and social activist

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